Friends of Markeaton Brook

The Friends of Markeaton Brook became a fully constituted group in January 2005. Prior to this time there had been a number of individuals, particularly those in the Millennium Group who had been involved with conservation and educational work along the brook within the City of Derby, who are now members of our group. The Committee, elected at the Annual General Meeting provides the governance of the Friends.

The position of Chair has become vacant since Ken Clarke has decided to retire from this position. The serving members of the committee wish him well and thank him for all the hard work he has done in furthering the aims and objectives of this group. If you feel you would like to serve on the committee in some capacity then please do get in contact..

Treasurer and Assets Manager
Jozef (Joe) Kucharzewski has been with us from the beginning, helping to draw up the constitution, and is a keen member of the team. Living locally, his worst nightmare is for the brook to flood. On a pleasant summer evening there is nothing better than sitting by the brook outside Joe's house, but the prospect of cold and unclean water creeping up to his front door is a real one for Joe. He also likes counting our money and hates spending it.

Press & Public Relations
Lynne Wood Markeaton Brook had originally caught her attention during 1988 when she was involved in a community play called 'West End, Best End' where it was clear that this waterway had played a major part in people's lives in Derby. Much later she was asked to lead a team of volunteers in clearing Himalayan Balsam from the banks of the brook, and the rest, as they say is History. Lynne has been an active member of the group since it was constituted in 2005, including two years in the role of Chair.

The committee is always interested in sharing the work as well as the training and development opportunities with our members. If you would like to be more involved please contact us.